Monday, March 29, 2010

New Kabul City to be built along Dehsabz plains

It all started after the influx of regugees from neighbouring countries into Afghanistan specially in the capital city of Kabul.
The city of Kabul already under developed and during the civil war completely destroyed was in no shape to adequately house the new inhabitants coming from all directions. Although still the city of choice for many Afghans for economic and political reasons, this old city needed a parralel develpmental plan.

In 2002 the government of Afghanistan started initial planning for a new city called New Kabul City (Dehsabz) to be built with a capacity of 3 millions residents.
This project got support of the French and the Japanese and in co-operation with the two nations a master plan was developed and now near completion.
New Kabul City will border the Old Kabul Airport in the south and the Bagram Military Airfield in north will cover about 500 square kilometers of land.

First phase of construction will start by the end of 2010.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Afghanistan the London Conference

I've been following the Afghanistan London Conference held in the UK. 70 countries attending this conference where some hold major sway and others are attending as observers. A conference of this magnitude is a testament to the failiour of the major powers involved in the Afghan conflict.
Such conferences in the past has resulted in no or very little headway that the Afghans are already dismissing any positive outcome from the London Conference. Not to sound negative, but we really have to know the sources of the problem and deal with them head on.
From an Afghan citizen point of view the major obsticle to lasting peace and progress in this country is a corrupt government where in reality you can not point to one person, be it the president or ther, who is in charge.
This country is similar to a bus running on the highway without a driver or too many people on the wheel.
Mr. Karzai is not only the puppet of the west but also and more importantly the puppet of the political and military dealers in Kabul.
He is walking a fine line of satisfying the white house and the downing street as well as the power brokers who got him elected.
I'm by no means suggesting that his rivals in the election is a better altarnative. I think they are in the same situation as Mr. Karzai.
Now there is the talk of buying out the Taliban. I think this will cause further complication in the social and political fabric of this country.
Why would an Afghan soldier stay loyal to his government while the insurgents who fight this government get higher pay and better treatment.
It simply makes no sense. And what stops other from joining tht Taliban ranks in hope of more salary or jobs?
The only way, I think, is to clean up the house. Get red of corruption and install someone powerful as the head of the state.
Otherwise we are kidding ourselves and cheating our poeple, be it the British or American or the Afghans!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Ask The Times: How Obama Came to Plan for the ‘Surge’

"On Sunday, The New York Times published an account of the three-month review that led to President Obama’s new strategy for the war in Afghanistan. The story of how the president reached his decision for an escalate-then-exit plan was based on dozens of interviews with participants as well as a review of notes some of them took during Mr. Obama’s 10 meetings with his national security team.
This Monday and Tuesday, Peter Baker, Helene Cooper, Mark Landler and David E. Sanger, several of The Times’s correspondents who wrote or contributed to the story, will respond to readers’ questions about the president’s decision-making, the group of civilian and military aides who advised him, and what’s next for the American military in Afghanistan."

Aove is an article from NY times

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Afghanistan's presidential election postponed until August

Elections are held to give people of a nation to judge the performance of the ruling government and to make decision whether or not to re-elect the regime.

Reasons given for the delay of the next election is luck of security; so aren't we supposed to expedite the election to get rid of this incompetent government which has failed the Afghan nation in bringing security and prosperity to the country?

In other words by delaying and what might result in canceling this election all together, it appears that the Karzai's government is being rewarded by prolonging their stay in office for their luck of governance, increase in corruption, security deterioration, increase of poverty, crimes such as killing, kidnapping, drugs and all other issues that Afghan are facing today.

Unfortunately Afghanistan is one of many nations some of which has already been turned into a failed state and others are to follow soon.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A big shift in the American policy

A big shift but in the negative direction!
Today the US defence secretary Robert Gates announced that the US should set their goals for Afghanistan very low.

As he explained, the main objective should be that the US will have to make sure that Afghanistan can not be used as a base to launch attacks on America. This mean that US will somehow maintain presence there, but will not in anyway spend much time, effort or funds to help Afghanistan's development in different sectors.

Basically what they are telling Afghans is that you are now on your own. We did what we could, we bombed the heck out of you, we installed a corrupt government on you, we allowed for the growth of opium and narco trade in Afghanistan but we no longer are interested in helping the country stand on it's feet and get on the path of development.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Afghanistan under a blanket of snow.

The country has been devistated by heavy snow fall in the last few weeks. People living under tents covered or braught down by snow are in a horrible situation. I watched a young man who lost his two legs to frost bite.

It's a tragedy happening to those not connected. Not connected to the government circle, not connected to the foriegn forces and other elements.

But still they are citizens of the country and the goverment and their allies are totally responsable to proetect these human beings.